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Optiheal Therapy and Fitness: Expert Personal Trainers Across West Surrey, Berkshire and Hampshire

Our training services at Optiheal Therapy and Fitness demonstrate our commitment to the well-being of your physical health. Our dedicated team of certified personal trainers is here to guide and support you in achieving your fitness goals. With a personalised approach, we tailor training programs to suit your unique needs, whether you're a beginner looking to start your fitness journey or an experienced enthusiast seeking to elevate your routine. At Optiheal, we prioritise your well-being, ensuring that each session is not just a workout but a step towards a healthier, happier lifestyle. Join us and reach out to us for a transformative fitness experience.

Services We Offer

Enjoy Our Holistic Training

Our training sessions take place at Profound Fitness Studio.

These involve, 1 on 1 and group sessions up to 3 sessions a week at either Frimley, Chobham or Knaphill, please get in tough to discuss specific personal training requirements.

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Core Training And Bodybuilding

Strengthen your core muscles and improve stability with targeted core training sessions. Our trainers also design bodybuilding routines focusing on strength training, muscle development, and overall physique enhancement.

Weight Control

Our experts provide personalised plans and guidance to help you achieve and maintain your ideal weight to promote bodyweight training. Improve strength, tone, and endurance with our comprehensive weight training programs. They utilise your body weight as resistance, promoting strength, flexibility, and fitness.

Fitness Training

Enjoy our fitness training sessions that cater to various goals, incorporating a mix of cardiovascular exercises, strength training, and flexibility routines for a well-rounded fitness experience. Our certified fitness instructors can guide you through effective workouts, ensuring proper form and technique.

One-To-One Personal And Group Training

Discover personalised attention and tailored workout plans with our one-on-one personal training sessions. You can also join dynamic group training sessions to work alongside like-minded individuals in a supportive group environment.

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Woman practicing yoga with trainer via video conference

Online Training

Access training sessions from your home with our online training programs. Also, elevate your fitness levels with high-intensity training that combines bursts of vigorous exercise with short recovery periods. Please stay connected with our trainers and achieve your fitness goals on your schedule.

Contact Optiheal Therapy And Fitness To Get In Touch With Exceptional Personal Trainers. Contact Us On 07531 096144! Services available across West Surrey, Berkshire and Hampshire.

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