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Having retired from law enforcement due to ill health retirement, I know a few things about struggles of work life balance, I have always been passionate about helping people of all walks of life and I am passionate about helping people come to terms with changes that are forced, and some not forced upon them.

I am a sole trader; my business is small, and I like it that way because it gives me the opportunity to know my clients.

I am certified personal trainer and sports massage therapists with knowledge in principles of health and fitness. 

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My Story

What do I bring to the table as a personal trainer and massage therapist and why should you choose my service that’s the big question.

I bring my extensive knowledge from my background as an amateur athlete having played the following sports at a competitive level.

Football where I played as a striker until I was 32 years old and retired because of a chronic illness know as PSC uncurable liver disease and Ulcerative Colitis and I have lived with both illnesses since I was 14 years old, fitness has always been a way of life for me.


I take fitness and wellness very seriously; I personally believe that without fitness and wellness I would not be here today and to be that’s as close to the facts that I can get to.

Whilst as I was working in law enforcement, I saw the need to get qualified for a life of giving back.

I chose personal training so that I can give back in the form, of passing my experience with creating new habits that my clients can use for the rest of their life. I see strength in learning a new skill, whilst creating a healthy habit.

Keeping strong and fit is great but what happens when you need to recover and rehabilitate from injuries, how do you deal with that side of life, in 2021 I was given a second chance to get my life back, I was given a liver transplant which took 10 hours at the height of Covid, I was alone confused and spent 17 days in hospital without families and friends and when I was finally back home there was no rehabilitation program and no recovery program, I personally believe that had there been a rehab program and a recovery program my journey would have been quicker. 

It's easy for me I love sport I was an amateur athlete so with some intense research I found some source material and created my own rehab program but imagine the millions of people without knowledge or motivation who helps them who gives them hope. That’s why I decided it was a worthy investment to qualify as a holistic massage therapist, so I decide to get a qualification in Swedish Massage Therapy that was never going to be enough for me, so I then decided to become a Level 3 Sports Massage Therapist and I am on my way to a Level 4 Qualification.

I love what I do I love being where I am able to change people’s lives and I will keep growing and keep changing people. 

What is on offer when you invest in me > A fully qualified and vetted fitness Coach and SMT.

I offer personalised one-to-one and group training sessions, specialising in strength and conditioning, weight loss, muscle gain, and building confidence in using gym equipment, I believe that being a coach is a skill that will teach you as my client to be able to have confidence to one day be comfortable to build your own training plan and perhaps be inspired to be a coach or therapist yourself.

My massage services are holistic in nature be it Swedish Massage, deep tissue massage and sports massage My dream is to have a world where my clients care enough for their wellbeing to address fatigue, muscle tension to promote overall well-being, my primary focus is sports massage, complemented by additional personal services such relaxation massage, touch massage.

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